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Log Carriage
Double Circular Saw
Cut-off Saw
Log Deck Turner
Overhead Log Turner
Transfer Chain
Log Haul Winch
Transfer rolls
Green Chain
Log Carriage Engine
Steam Engine
Brick Boiler
Pot-Belly Stove



Western Scale Models has a complete line of sawmill equipment in 1:20.3 scale to furnish your sawmill's interior. The pictures below show our sawmill display which has been modeled in part after the McLean Sawmill in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Our model was built in four sections so that it could be transported and set up for the Narrow Gauge Convention in Seattle, Washington, September 2012. The sections consist of (1) the log pond, (2) the log deck with log carriage, circular saw and winch to haul logs into the mill, (3) the edger, cut-off saw and log rolls with the steam engine and boiler in the basement, and (4) the green chain and small machine shop.

Two books on sawmills may also be of interest to you, "Modeling a Steam Powered Sawmill, A Detailed look at the Hull Oakes, McLean and Sturgeon's Sawmills" and "Let's Build a Sawmill, How I Built a 1:20.3 Scale Sawmill".

List of Sawmill Kits

Double circular saw MF-103

Log carriage MF-104

Cut-off saw MF-105

Edger MF-107

Log deck turner MF-108

Overhead log turner MF-109

Log deck transfer chain MF-110

Log haul winch MF-111

Transfer rolls MF-112

Green chain with drive MF-113

Log carriage steam engine MF-114

Pulley/bearing set for sawmill MF-115

Ames Iron Works horizontal steam engine LF-8

Horizontal brick boiler LF-13

Log pond and ramp going to log deck.

Picture on right shows green chain with machine shop in back.

Log haul winch and double circular saw in section 2.

Picture on left shows section 1 log pond.

Picture on right is view looking down at section 2 with winch, log carriage and circular saw.

Section 3 with edger, cut-off saw, and log rolls. Horizontal brick boiler is under roofed section and steam engine is in the basement.

Section 4 with green chain on right and machine shop on left.



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